Men's Basketball


Briercrest intramurals provide a fun and competitive avenue for Briercrest students and staff to build relationships while participating in quality physical activity. 


Our vision for Briercrest intramurals is 

  • To promote activity among Briercrest students and staff
  • To run an excellent, well organized program that is enjoyable for all participants
  • To train student interns in the skills needed to run sports/recreation leagues and tournaments
  • To help build up unity in the Briercrest community

Fall Semester:
  • Spike Ball (tournament style)
  • Basketball 
Winter Semester:
  • Dodgeball
  • Registration



Being part of the Briercrest volleyball team was where I built some of the closest relationships. From training hard and achieving success to working through tough losses, you develop friendships that couldn't be made anywhere else.
Zac Ens Class of 2015 AA Social Sciences, men's volleyball, 2014-15 ACAC South All-Conference Team, Male Athlete of the Year